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This Valentine’s Day, instead of filling your child’s lunchbox with Valentine’s Day candy, cut strawberries and bananas in the shape of hearts. If you want to add a little sweetness, include yogurt from them to dip the fruit into.

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During the season of what we at are referring to as “the plague,” we’ve been trying to keep the most high-traffic and highly utilized work instruments as clean as possible by using anti-bacterial wipes on the doorknobs, phone, keyboards/mice, remotes, etc. Remember to use only one wipe per surface so you don’t risk transferring germs from one surface to the next.

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Injuries often occur around the holidays. Here are a five simple tips to help prevent holiday-related injuries:

1. Use step stools instead of furniture when hanging decorations.

2. Keep candles away from children, pets, walkways, trees, and curtains.

3. Never leave fireplaces, stoves, or candles unattended.

4. Don’t use generators or other gasoline-or charcoal-burning devices inside your home or garage.

5. Install a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in your home. Test them once a month, and replace batteries twice a year.

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Eight safety tips for celebrating Guy Fawkes night from our friends at Knoji. (Tips by Val Mills)

For UK citizens and those countries with Commonwealth connections, 5 November is traditionally fireworks or bonfire night. The true meaning of this celebration has almost been forgotten I many countries, but it’s the night when people remember the failure of Guy Fawkes and his men to blow up parliament in 1605.

Different countries have different regulations these days, some allowing private fireworks displays and others banning them altogether. Many countries now have only public pyrotechnic displays that people are encouraged to attend.

Even if you are allowed to buy and have a private backyard display where you live, the safest option is to attend and enjoy the public displays. If you are having a private display at home, here are some points to remember to ensure the safety of all attending.

1. Keep children supervised and at a safe distance: Children should watch the fireworks under adult supervision and from a safe distance, back from where the display is happening. For small children, watching through a window is the safest option.

2. Never leave fireworks and matches unattended: If you have to go away at all, never leave the matches and fireworks together where children can get them. Take the matches with you so there are no temptations.

3. Fireworks should be lit by adults: Children should never be allowed to light fireworks themselves. Things can go wrong too easily and using matches or lighters is not a safe option under any circumstances. Even sparklers can be dangerous and must be lit by adults.

4. Light fireworks in a clear space: Always light fireworks away from the rest of the fireworks. Ensure you have a clear space far enough away from the box or bag your unlit fireworks are in. Make sure sparks from the lit fireworks aren’t likely to set off the others in the bag.

5. Point fireworks towards the sky: All fireworks should be pointing upwards, towards the sky, before being lit. Young people tend to skylark around a bit, pointing them at friends. This is how accidents happen. To ensure the safety of people and buildings, the only safe way for the coloured lights of any fireworks to go is up.

6. Keep water and possibly sand nearby: Whether it’s a bucket of water or the garden hose, it is essential to have something within reach to extinguish the fire, in case something does go wrong.

7. Be ready to give basic first aid: Even with the best intentions, things go wrong. Make sure you have a first aid kit handy and know what to do with it. Brush up on your knowledge of hat to do in case of burns.

8. Keep pets inside: Not only do your children need to be protected on fireworks night, but so d your pets. Keep them inside until all the activity in your neighbourhood is over.

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If you are traveling with children for an early morning morning flight and have to wake your child around 4am to get to the airport, here’s a quick tip:

Pick out the outfit the night before. Right down to socks, shoes, and any accessories (hair ribbon, etc) with your child.

In some cases, you might even be able to take them to the airport in pajamas that could double as travel clothes, like sweatpants, tee shirts, mesh gym shorts (depending on the weather). As long as the clothing is not restrictive or a safety sleeping hazard.




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Now that it’s back to school time, parents’ brains need to get back in track as well, especially when it comes to all of the am rush details. To help ease the morning pre-school bus chaos, think ahead the night before to where can you lighten the load. Set the breakfast table as you clear the dinner dishes, and make sure breakfast foods are easy to reach. Lay out children’s clothing the night before. Scan backpacks for missing homework, projects or books. Make sure musical instruments or sports bags are packed and ready to go. Create a checklist for older kids to go through every night so they can be prepped for the morning and will learn to be responsible for their own stuff.

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No matter where you are, camping, in the woods, or right in your own backyard, you are at risk for getting a tick. Here’s a few tips on how to help you stay Lyme Disease-free this summer … (Click through to read more)

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Be aware that a child doesn't even have to be moving in order to experience the heat's effects. It’s very important never that you never leave a child in a parked car during the summer … (Click through to read more)

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Whether you're putting together dinner for the week or just for the night, here's a tip to making cooking for your baby/toddler a little bit easier … (Click through to read more)

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