Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care


Who better than Jo Frost, a trusted voice amongst parents worldwide, to help guide you during this amazing first year of your new baby’s life?

Frost’s warmth, love and experience, combined with her unique blend of humor and empathy, gives parents the practical information and emotional support they truly need to embrace the journey of their baby’s first year.

Frost offers clear guidance to help moms and dads become the joyful, confident parents that make a family–and little ones–truly flourish.

Packed with tips and incredibly reassuring advice, this book shows you how to: Organize the essential equipment you need to buy before the birth; baby-proof your home; set up for routines, feeding, sleeping, and development; understand and handle confidently premature and multiple births, as well as providing the sensitive care for adopted babies; Make decisive choices about going back to work, day care, and nannies; enjoying breastfeeding and weaning.

Covering the key issues of the first twelve months, including growth charts, vaccinations, and first aid, Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care is the most essential book for any new parent!

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