About Me

Hi! I’m Jo Frost,

Global Parenting Expert, recognized TV personality, New York Times best-selling author, global thought leader in the parenting arena, in-demand speaker, consultant as well as the go to expert for media outlets around the world.

I’m a highly experienced executive producer best known for my international award-winning show ‘Supernanny’. My production company (Nanny Jo Productions) is behind the global hit shows such as ‘Nanny on Tour’ & ‘Family Matters’.

I’m glad you are here, because it means you are curious and want to learn, evolve and be the best you can possibly be with this honor you have been given to raise your child in this world.

How it started:

My career began nearly 4 decades ago with the opportunity to support families professionally in the different ways they needed, from  maternity nursing for those families who were coming home with their newborns for those crucial first 6 weeks of transition and parentcraft to professionally nannying clientele who appreciated the support of all that entails the hire of an educated carer for their children. I found much joy in my tenured years of providing my wisdom to the up-and-coming professionals in the parenting field seeking my expertise including parents and began my transition into establishing my consulting services company. I was being asked to resolve trouble shooting issues with families from around the world, mums the word was not the case and word of mouth traveled fast with how effectively I could help transform families.

I was head hunted for public figures, called upon by Military and to help families in society, to resolve sleep challenges and many other difficulties regarding the practical challenges many families face now and at the end of a 2 decade span of hands on, real life experience and immersive therapy I had the opportunity to apply my consulting services into the format most are common with today on my international award winning show ‘Supernanny’. 

How it’s going:

Working with hundreds of families from different walks of life, religion, cultures, and economic status through my professional & personal charitable work has given me a worldly stance to truly master my expertise and wisdom globally.

Supporting families has always been very organic for me and my natural gift with children as an intuitive, empathic person has allowed me to bridge the gap energetically between child and parent allowing an authentic flow of expression, love & connection for all.

I believe family is the center piece of this table called the world and my mission is to educate families worldwide so that the impact of such empowers them confidently to lead.

Championing children will always be at the heart of everything I do.

With my practical, supportive, and down-to-earth advice I have been helping families shine since 1987. Do you need my help? Please click the button below and fill in the application form!

-Jo Frost xx

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