Supernanny Post Premiere


During these uncertain times as families are dealing with quarantine and homeschooling, parents are reaching out more than ever for help. Luckily Jo Frost is back on Lifetime Tuesday nights for Season 8 ofSupernanny. Armed with 30 years of experience and strategies, Jo helps parents tackle social and behavioral challenges and everything else that is thrown their way. With a recipe of honest, direct and nurturing support, Jo offers real-life solutions to parents — uplifting families with advice, techniques, and tips to iron out the chaos in their lives, helping families evolve, no matter what the circumstances.

The families featured this season are from cities and towns around the country and they are dealing with diverse issues that span the spectrum of parenting challenges – from dealing with picky eaters and diet issues, to parents dealing with strains in their relationships and kids and adults obsessed with electronic devices, to complicated work schedules and parents refusing help, to first responder spouses facing separations – to an LGBTQ couple dealing with kids picking favorites and feeling isolated. Jo will visit one new family each week and use her trusted and proven methods and elevated teachings to help them change their dynamics while focusing on positive reinforcement and connectivity.

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