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Jo Frost travels across the country answering the calls for help from parents and families who are in need of a change in their family dynamic.

Jo (and viewers) meet a family through their submission video. We learn about the tough situations, out of control behaviors and desperation these parents face when dealing with…

Frost on Killer Kids

In this 4 part documentary series, Jo Frost takes a look at some of Britain’s most dangerous kids. These include Daniel Bartlam (Killed his Mother with a hammer), James Fairweather (Responsible for the Colchester murders), Sharon Carr (Killed Katie Rackliff) and Michael Hamer (Killed his Schoolmate). Jo also tries to uncover the true reason on what motivated the kids to kill.

Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour

In this new series “Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour,” Jo Frost will travel to a new city each week and work with one family that desperately needs her expertise. Before she arrives, she will monitor the family’s behavior from her mobile RV office, via surveillance cameras which the family agrees to have placed throughout their home, and then will hit the ground running…

Jo Frost: Family Matters

Jo Frost hosts an inspiring talk show called Family Matters for ITV Daytime.

The world renowned parenting expert is back on home ground, doing what she does best and helping British families in crisis. Along the way, Jo meets a range of families, from absent…


Jo Frost is back on US television in the TLC series FAMILY S.O.S. WITH JO FROST.

The series opens the door to families who are in crisis and need help bringing harmony back to their homes. No longer just helping correct the “naughty toddler” phase, the series finds Jo sharing her respected advice as she assists families of all sizes and structures. From rebellious teenagers causing conflict…

Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

Jo Frost returns to help more mums and dads cope with the trials and tribulations of raising children.

Sharing her no-nonsense advice with more parents than ever before through her roadshow, Jo tackles all of the most persistent parenting problems plus getting to the truth of parental myths; dealing with sore losers, fears and phobias and how to handle…

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