Valentine’s Day

As the middle of the month starts to draw near, most of us will be reminded (through commercials and shop windows) of Valentine’s Day. But how much we participate on that day will be optional. Some of us will find it is a day to go all out, putting aside our typically busy schedules to plan time with our love ones. Others will see it as a day where it confirms what they do already in their everyday lives with those they love.

We used to think of this day as being romantically linked, yet now we remind ourselves through our children, and their making cards for grandparents and other friends, that it is a day where we honor the love for all the different kinds of loving relationships we have in our life.

However, no other loving relationship you have will be as close as the one you have as parents to your children. Because, in order to have that, it means you have to look at the loving relationship you have with yourself and with your spouse or partner. When raising our family, we can learn much about ourselves and grow from the experiences and opportunities that are present to us daily. Our relationships can act as a mirror, highlighting the things we need to see, and more often than not when we are in a pickle, and the things we do not want to see.

If we are to gain more understanding of our journey through parenthood, then accepting responsibility to change and to be accountable for the problems at hand help us to move forward. Loving unconditionally means no “fine print” or “terms and conditions,” just healthy boundaries that allow us to thrive as human beings and establish relationships that are healthy, loving, and functional.

Make no mistake, we are all on this journey through life and living our truth, being honest with how we truly feel, and seeking to find resolution. An open door rather then a closed door leaves us empowered by the choices we make for ourselves and for our children as they grow to become adults. Showing up is one thing, however, doing the homework is another. The different between the two is successful results that are life-changing.

So, as we enjoy Valentine’s Day, make it a great day to move forward with the intention to better understand the uinque relationships you have with those you love, and make a commitment to yourself to continue to learn and grow — even when those times are extremely difficult. Because at the end of the day, to give up on ourselves is to throw in the towel elsewhere, and that action would be truly underserving of what we deserve in life: more happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Jo xoxoxo
Copywritten by Jo Frost

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