Three year old daughter won’t let others help

For this month's burning questions, Jo has asked us to recap a few of the questions from her recent live chat that she feels pertain to most parents. "These are situations nearly every parent has to deal with at some point," Jo says of these questions. "It important to remember that sometimes we forget the basics and could use a little refresher."

If you're in need of a refresher, check out the full transcript from the live chat here and, get your new burning questions ready, the next chat will take place in November/December. Keep checking in on the website where we'll keep you posted on dates and details!

From Tracy71: What do you do when your three year old wants you to do things for herself, but won't let others help? I feel that she is trying to control me and the situation.

Hi Tracy,
No, she's not trying to control you. It's very natural and part of her development to want to do things for herself. If she's showing you this through her behavior and actions, it's a good sign. Shadow her with those things she wants to do, within reason, so that she can start to achieve and know the difference between the things she can do on her own and those she will discover she just possibly cannot do herself. And, make time for practicing and teaching those life skills, so that she can learn, even if it's with frustration, at first, and get it right. Cries of "I want to do it, I want to do it." – that whole sense of determination — will get results in the end.

Best wishes,

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