Tashan and Diann + Grace and Ella – Season 2

Brothers, six-year-old Tashan and four-year-old Diaan, rule the roost in their family’s home. Their behavior is so bad, in fact, that their mum is on the verge of sending them to boarding school in India. Can Jo help keep this family together and get the boys’ behavior under control?

Grace, age three, has a habit of picking at her face whilst sucking her thumb. Her face-picking has gotten so bad, the doctor believes she will have permanent scars as a result. Grace’s parents have tried nearly everything to break her of the habit. However, when Jo spends time with the family, she believes the solution to Grace’s problem lies within her older sister, Ella.

Jo continues her roadshow providing parents with advice and techniques to help them handle parenting issues. And, after hearing one in three kids spends less time outside than the average prisoner, Jo advises parents and kids on how they can get more active.

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