Madison and Layla – Season 2

Jo’s post-show thoughts:

On Madison:

With pleas from both parents that their youngest daughter was uncontrollable in her behavior and with a conviction that they had tried everything in order to resolve the problems that were present, I found myself rather confused with not much clarity. Until I realized that both Madison and her sister, Jordan, were caught on the front line and in the middle of a the volatile relationship between their mom and dad.

With no clear boundaries in place between both parents, Madison didn’t know whether they were coming or going. No child wants to see their parents separate, but in the meantime, whilst they are making their minds up, guess who has to get dragged through it?

I feel honored that both girls gave me the opportunity to hear their heartfelt innocent truths. And could only hope that with my help, conveying to their parents the girls’ truths would allow their parents to see what needs to be done. Don’t hold your breath…To be continued…Let’s hope a decision has been made.


Episode overview:

Madison, age six, has such loud and furious tantrums they can be heard down the block, which is exactly where her father lives. Madison’s parents are separated, but live a few doors down from each other and have contiunally struggled with Madison’s screaming fits. Can Jo divide herself between both houses to help one little girl?

Six-year-old Layla is afraid of the dark. So afraid, in fact, she will not only not sleep alone, but she also won’t brush her teeth or get ready for school upstairs because she associates it with bedtime. Most nights, Layla ends up sleeping with her parents. Now, Layla’s two-year-old sister, Melissa, is also starting to follow suit. With Layla and Melissa’s mom having to get up during the night to feed their younger brother and everyone having to get up in the morning for work and school, can Jo help this family of five get a good night’s sleep in their own beds?

Then, Jo hits the road to answer one May-December couple’s (he’s 64 and she’s 26) generational parenting questions.

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