Snack Jar Technique

The Snack Jar Technique- is applied to create consistency for a child’s eating times, choosing mindful, healthier options and encouraging correct proportion sizes to a child’s balanced daily food plan at mealtimes…

The Snack Jar Can be home made or bought and personalized which kids love to do as an Arts activity.

Parents who favor their children grazing throughout the day can sometimes learn fast they start to have trouble with their kids at mealtimes especially eating their balanced daily meals,this can lead to very unhealthy habits that lead a parent to feel rather helpless when it comes to them establishing new foods and encouraging them to eat fruits and veggies. This vicious cycle can become relentless for parents as they power struggle over food being eaten that’s healthy and at the correct times too,which often leads to dinner being thrown away and a child asking for a snack only 30mins later!
If you make snack time about them,your children get to choose from your box of choices their snacks, without over filling themselves up before their main staple meals,Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner. Yes I know, easy right? and then everybody is happy!

It’s not just great in theory, it works successfully as many of you have watched me apply with families over the years so if you’ve just emptied your child’s dinner, untouched, into the bin, I suggest you get Jar making.
Oh and by the way it works great for Parents too,nothing better then leading by example.

How to Make your own Jar

  • Decorate an empty tissue box or use a kitchen jam jar (use multiple boxes or jars if you have more than one child) and Personalize then place where it can be reached but not in the way of other tools in he kitchen, safety first dear parents.
  • Collaborate together with your child choosing a selection of snacks at the supermarket or from your selection at home. Some children are learning from scratch so if you set the example they will learn in time.
  • Keep the snacks low in sugar and fats it will help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Have them select 2 or 3 snacks and let them know when its snack time as remember it’s about pacing, you don’t want your child eating everything at once!
  • Once the snacks are gone for the day, don’t replace them yourself remember its about your child’s choice, this allows them to recognize their actions lead to healthier choices and habits.
  • Have your children Refill the box or jar (As repeated above)
  • Be consistent about what’s in the tub of choice.
    Grab & Go Snack Ideas for Your Jar (For frozen choices place a note in the Jar)

    • Dried fruit (apricots, raisins, figs & cranberries)
    • Toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds
    • Frozen fruit (You can do this with most fruits grapes, blueberries, melon balls)
    • Fruit smoothie and veggie popsicles (just get some ice-pop moulds )
    • Raw fruit and vegetables (chopped up small depending on age served in a fun pot with compote dip)
    • Pita bread pockets (wholemeal, filled with savoury filling of choice)
    • Popcorn (low in sodium)
    • Nuts (be careful of nut allergies & choking with young toddlers)
    • Organic yoghurts, great for freezing too and making lollies
    • Rice cakes ( low in sodium)

    Copywritten by Jo Frost

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