New Year

New Years resolutions aren’t just for adults. It’s good to introduce children to the idea of resolutions and changing things in their life … “out with the old and in with the new.” For kids ages five and up, ask them what new things they would like to try in the New Year. Help them find pictures in a magazine of whatever ideas or goals they’ve decided on and have them make a collage to hang in their room so they can be reminded of their resolutions. Older kids can make lists of both new things they would like to try and old habits they might want to work to break this year. Since these are decisions made entirely on your child’s own accord, they are the ones who will be the ultimate “enforcers” of their resolutions, you can merely help them facilitate or drop a gentle reminder or two.

If your child cannot think of a resolution or feels overwhelmed by the idea, try coming up with ideas for family resolutions. Will you work harder to be more kind towards each other? Perhaps you will strive to go on a family walk each evening or all collectively decide to exercise together, as a family. Whatever you choose as a family, be each other’s cheerleader and try to stick to it, whether your goal is a month, six months or a full year!

The best way to teach children about resolutions, or trying new things/changing behavior is to lead by example. So, if you are making resolutions, stick with them! Little eyes are watching your every move and learning from your actions!

To Auld Lang Syne!

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