How do I know when to start weaning??

My daughter is now 4 months old and is still being bottle fed. Myself and my partner are keen on starting to wean her but are being advised not to do so until 6 months by the health visitor.

She is not sleeping through the night and is getting up for at least 2 feeds through the night and then waking up very early in the morning. I feel like I am at my wits end, as during the day she is not goin down for naps anymore either!!! I am going to increase her milk but I feel like adding some baby rice to her diet, as maybe this will encourage her to sleep through the night. This is our 1st child, we feel a bit discouraged to start weaning as the government recommend not to do so til 6 months!! Help please!!!!


Michelle x

Hi Michelle,

Yes indeed, the government recommends six months, but in my baby book, and through two decades of observation, I am of the full belief this process can start to happen between four and six months of age. But, one has to assess the situation on an individual basis.

I can say that if your child is not feeding every four hours on a four-to-six-ounce bottle, she will need to do that first. Then, you can start her off with some baby rice cereal 30 minutes after her first feed, using the leftover milk to mix up the cereal.But, don't put rice in her milk, it's not necessary for her.

Also, her milk formula is in correct proportion to her food intake and hydration. It's important to get good, consistent feeds in with the right amount of milk. You want your baby on a clock for being ready to feed every four hours because then they'll take more milk. If she starts poking her tongue out and looking over at food, you'll know she's ready because you will recognize her natural curiosity. If you do decide to give her the baby rice cereal first, it is good because it rarely causes allergies. I also suggest getting my baby book for more ideas on how to deal with this transition.

Best wishes,

Jo x

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