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Are your kids home from school this holiday season? Do you have time off? In-laws, parents, siblings, or cousins in town? Whether you have family in from out of town or it’s just your little family at home, make sure you spend dedicated time together as a family and one-on-one.

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Teaching children the importance of giving back and serving their community empowers them at a very young age. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, collaborating every family member in your household to be involved in giving back helps to create a lifelong habit of community service and brings everyone (no matter what their age) a feeling of goodwill and spirit around helping others.

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Zero Tolerance is what we need to continue practicing. In light of it being National Bullying Prevention month I wanted to touch on this subject, as I answer many questions from parents on how to stop their children from being picked on at school. This made me think that if every parent took responsibility to raise their child with more empathy and respect, then we would reduce this problem greatly.

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