Jack, Chloe and Demi + Corey – Season 2

Jo’s post-show thoughts:

On Jack, Chloe & Demi

In today’s society it is common to be a part of a blended family. Maria and Scott fundamentally needed to address issues that concerned the children. With Maria pulling back on the reins not common and allowing Scott to enjoy quality time with the kids by himself and with Maria stepping up and prioritizing her family’s values. Both partners learnt how to develop skills that encouraged them as a couple that allowed them to feel heard and supported. As a team they followed through on techniques and gave their children a chance to be heard. The outcome with lasting results?  A more harmonious family. With trust in place.


Episode Overview

Jack (age 11), and his siblings Chloe (6), and Demi (4), rule the roost in their house, with their mum and stepdad left arguing over how to best parent the three children. Can Jo help the kids improve their relationship with their stepdad and helo mum and dad get on the same page when it comes to parenting the kids?

Five-year-old Corey is still having toddler-like temper trantrums at home, but is as good as golden when he’s one-on-one with his parents. Exhausted and having tried everything, Corey’s mum and dad reach out to Jo for help.

Then, Jo hits the road to tackle problems from bullying and potty training to picky eaters and new sibling jealously. And, she offers working parents a new strategy to help them give their kids what they need.

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