In the Land of Windmills and Pancakes

Jo spent most of December was spent in Holland, filming a new series! In addition to windmills, Heineken, Rembrandt, and wooden clogs, the Netherlands are also known for their famous Dutch pancakes (with some pancake houses offering up to 70 different varieties of pancakes!) As Jo wrote to us about the Dutch pancakes, “When in Rome, as they say!!!”  — or in this case, Holland 🙂 The picture collage here includes photos Jo took from the various adventures she had in and around Holland, including a sampling of the aforementioned pancakes.

Jo also added, “Stay tuned for the dates of the release of Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour!”  We’ll keep you updated on the new series via the News Updates section of the site and on Jo’s Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled!

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