Charging Into 2015

2014 is officially behind us and now it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh in 2015. A new year allows us an opportunity to reset as both individuals and as a family. It’s a time for growth on all levels. Whatever baggage you might be carrying in your back from 2014 (from financial woes to relationship worries) drop them, unpack them, and look at them in a different perspective. What do you really need to carry? What is essential to living and what can you leave behind?

Instead of worrying, turn it into an opportunity to approach the problems differently. It’s important to remember that every problem we face, every question, has a solution (it might not be the one we want it to be, but there is a solution) and most of these problems we can and will recover from and move on.

Let’s make 2015 the year of resilience; about bouncing back from whatever residue we were left with in 2014 by changing our perspective and make time to pursue our passions, our families, whatever brings us joy. If you’re not certain about what that is, take some time to really reflect on it.

Make a list of what you love in your daily life, what you want more of, and then things you wish you had more time to do (or have buried deep inside you), but haven’t yet pursued them.

Are there any things you can/want to do as a family? Which of these things (no matter how small) would make you feel like the best and strongest version of yourself? Schedule time in your calendar to do them. Start small, even if it’s with ten minutes, twice a week, and then build up to daily, increasing the number of days/time as you go. Set goals that will lead you to a better life and not necessarily a better number. Bringing your family into joint goals and passions when possible also teaches kids the importance of self-improvement and making time to do what you love – and the skill of functioning as part of a supportive family unit.

A new year is filled with the promise of possibility, of inspiration, of joy, and new adventures. And, like other years, it will also be filled with twists and turns. But always remember, the more good you grab to fill your bags along the way, the more you go after what you love and experience the people you love with a full heart, the less your notice the lows. Stay focused, stay curious, and charge into this new year with arms wide open.

x Jo

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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