How do I best help my 18 month old to STTN?

Hello….I am a first time poster here….my 18 month old daughter, Cali, nurses to sleep at naps and bedtime. She is exclusively breastfed and has never taken a bottle, but will use a sippy cup now….just won't drink milk at all.

I have become her human pacifier to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep. Dad can occasionally rock her back to sleep, but she can not ease herself back into sleep on her own. I have started taking a birth control pill that will stop my milk supply. Also, I am in the process of needing to gently wean and help her sleep on her own. I am not a fan of crying it out either, but would like some ideas on how to go about this transition to make it as easy as possible for her. PLEASE HELP!!!

Hello there!
The first thing I'll say, is that it's important to keep up her milk supply, so be sure to use whole milk. And, you will need to make sure that not only is she taking milk from a sippy cup, but is getting it in her nutrition, too.

As for her sleeping, I would suggest doing the sleeping separation technique with her in her crib. Either way, you cannot escape the crying, but at least you will be in the room with her and that will pacify you as well. You'll find this technique in my book, Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care.

Sweet Dreams!

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