Holiday Gifts to Make with Kids

The holidays are the perfect time to do some arts and crafts with your kids. But it’s even better of these crafts perform double-duty as gifts for grandparents, aunts & uncles, caretakers, neighbors, and younger relatives. Below are some of our favorite finds for DIY gifts to make with your children. Please note these crafts require adult assistance.

Cinnamon Stick Candleholders


Pillar candle, at least 3-inches in diameter
Cinnamon sticks
Floral shears
Hot-glue gun
Dish or coaster


  • Measure candle height; cut cinnamon sticks to size with floral shears. You’ll need about 20 lengths per candle.
  • Run hot glue along cinnamon stick; affix it vertically to side of candle. (Use low-temperature setting to minimize melting.)
  • When first stick is dry, glue next stick snugly against it; repeat to cover candle.
  • Place finished candle on a dish or coaster.

(via Martha Stewart)


Pine Cone Placecard Holders

pine cone
paint brush
acrylic paint
paper plate
Letter stamps
Gold ink
Optional: Color pens/markers 


  • Using the paper plate to protect your table or counter, dab the tip of each prong of the pine cone with paint. (For best results, make sure that you’re creating very thick applications of paint).
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Take a paper placecard and write the name with letter stamps and gold ink (or you could use color pens/markers) and wedge in between prongs at the top of the cone.

Note: You should not need any adhesive for the placecard to stay in place.

(via Camille Styles)


Glitter Votives

Clear glass votives
Small candles or tealights
Glitter (silver, gold, or any colors you want)
Mod Podge


  • Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to the top 1/4″ of the votive. OR apply a thick coat to the bottom 1/4″ of the votive. OR go for applying that thick coat of Mod Podge 1/2 way down the votive. You can also do dots (with your index finger coated in Mod Podge), patterns, or whatever you like!
  • Once you’ve decided on the look and applied the Mod Podge, quickly sprinkle, dip, or roll on the glitter of your choice.
  • Let dry.

(via 100 Layer Cake)


Hot Cocoa for Two

Mason jar
2 single-serving hot chocolate packets
Marshmallows (regular or mini)
Candy cane
Optional: Gift tag 


  • Pour two packets of single serving hot cocoa mix into the bottom of a mason jar.
  • Add a layer of broken up or crushed candy cane.
  • Top it all off with a sprinkling of large or mini marshmallows.
  • Screw on top.
  • You can also create personalized tags for your guests (we like to include their names on one side and a holiday song lyric on the other).

Christmas Crackers

Wrapping paper
Empty cardboard tubes, trimmed to desired lengths
Clear tape or glue stick
Ribbon or string
Wrapped candy, toys, or treats


  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper that’s 6 inches longer than the tube and wide enough to wrap completely around it at least once. Center the tube along one long side of the paper and use tape or glue to hold it in place.
  • Your child can then wrap the paper tightly around the tube and secure the seam with tape or glue. She should then twist the excess paper at one end and tie it closed with ribbon or string.
  • Fill the tube with candy and other tiny surprises, then twist and tie closed the open end.

(via Spoonful)


Hair Elastics and Headbands

Fold over colored elastic (you can usually find these at fabric or craft stores (or online. We like the colors at this place).


  • Cut sections of 9 inches of the fold over elastic.
  • Fold them on top of themselves and tie a tight knot toward the end.
  • Snip a diagonal end after tying it.

For a headband, cut a section of about 20 inches (1-2 inches smaller for children), and do exactly the same thing.

Note: A good rule of thumb is to slide the completed hairband on your wrist – it should be snug, but not tight.

We like wearing these on our wrists as accessories till we need to tie our hair back.

(via The Superettes)


Chalkboard City


Light-weight wooden blocks (can be purchased for your local craft or hardware store)
Chalkboard paint
Foam roller

Optional: Matchbox cars


  • Using a foam roller, paint the blocks with the chalkboard paint.
  • Let dry for a few hours or up to the next day.
  • After they’re dry, have kids draw windows, doors, and decorate them.

Give as a gift with a box of chalk and some Matchbox cars.

(via Hello Bee)

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