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Hello ladies,
While this might be my first post here, I've been a long time fan/watcher of Jo. And, in my quest for advice about my son, I found this site and really hope someone might have some suggestions.

Lately, I've been asking my son to read a book to me (instead of the other way around) once a day. He gets to choose which one he reads off a particular shelf, we sit together and he does really well. However, it's always a discussion about doing it in the first place, as if I'm punishing him by making him do it.

He gets new books (at least two per month) which he chooses himself…I encourage him and tell him how proud I am that he's getting bigger and smarter…His vision is fine…If he wants me to read a second story, I'm more than happy…I've even gone as far as telling him that reading is like making a movie with his own imagination, and he LOVES movies.

What can I do to make reading an even more enjoyable experience? How can I encourage him any more than I already do?

Hey there!
May I suggest you start off with just two different approaches?

One, read out loud together so that he gets used to hearing his own voice and becomes more confident with public reading — let's face it, most adults in the office dread public presentations!

Secondly, change up the times that you sit together and read so that it doesn't seem like a chore, and more a pleasure to find this quiet moment when he can enjoy, with delight, the new books he receives. Reading should be a good experience for your son and not one in which he always feels obliged.

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