Getting my 2 1/2 year old in his car seat

Sometimes he's a gem, other times he is just plain horrid … screaming, kicking and occasionally if I get my face or fingers too close – biting. Does anyone have any tips??

I try really hard not to shout & yell and speak in a firm, calm voice telling him not to do it, but find that can be really hard some days. I have even thought of putting him on his naughty spot when we get home, but that the time lapse in between doing the naughty thing & punishment would be too long.
Would appreciate any help or ideas.

Try roll-playing being in the car with him. You can do this by sitting on cushions in the living room, on his bed, or in a big cut up cardboard box and then bring his car seat in and get him used to sitting in it when otherwise wouldn't have to, and help him learn to strap himself in. Make it as real as possible, don't forget to open the car door, put on a seatbelt, and "drive" the car on an adventure.

The second stage is to actually apply this exercise in the car. There's no point to shouting or yelling, or even placing him in a naughty spot. Car seat and seatbelts are mandatory and have to be done without a power or control struggle. It is the way of the world. Right now, your son is seeking power and control and doesn't realize the routine (and necessary) nature of car seats and seat belts. However, when he sees you becoming more relaxed and getting the job done, he won't escalate either.

Safe Driving!

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