Winding Down Tips Before Bed Time

Rituals create good sleeping habits. So when you follow through and are consistent with a bedtime routine, it means that the whole family have better quality sleep. However, with the tweens and teenagers it can become a little bit more sporadic, as this can be a time when there are emotional concerns such as: peer pressure, overcoming academic hurdles, friendships, and a general sense of finding out who you are and what you like and how you fit in and belong. This anxiety can build up so amongst the repetition of carving out time to be able to always speak to your children and partners about life and topics that come up and how you either help then to resolve or simply be a pair of ears. I would also suggest adopting deep breathing exercises; this helps to regulate the body as many hold their breath through stress. Maintaining activity is a good way of releasing that nervous, agitated feeling one can get inside when they are anxious. Giving your family the space to say how they feel without any judgment is critical for them to accept that they are feeling anxious in the first place rather than denying those feelings. In our busy lives, keeping these doors open and honoring this space is what helps us to manage every day. Happy sleeping! Good Night!

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