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We've noticed on the forums everyone is game to watch (and share!) their favorite funny and entertaining YouTube videos. So, for this Halloween, we thought we would share a few treats with you. We've compiled a compile a list of our top five favorite videos (plus one freebie!). These are the videos that made us laugh, put a smile on our face and a song in our heart. The best part of these vids is that they're all kid-friendly! Watch them with your kids and get inspired to create some home movies of your own! And keep sharing your favorites online in the Misc section of the forums and tweet the video link to Jo on Twitter: — we'll pick our favorites to retweet!

1. Once Upon a Time…

Capucine is a little girl who lives with her family in France. She also happens to be a great storyteller and an online video sensation. We were spellbound by her video, "Once Upon a Time …" Check it out here:

2. The Kings Firecrackers US Naval Performance

The Kings Firecrackers of Ohio will knock your socks off! This team of jump ropers is unlike any we've ever seen! The jumpers (ranging in age from 9-13) practice for two hours a day, 5-6 days a week. They have performed at high school, college, NBA half times, and televised benefits. Their eight-minute performance at a US Naval half time game is our favorite. Check it out here:

3. Sour's "Hibi no Neiro"

This music video was shot for the band Sour's song, 'Hibi no Neiro' (Tone of everyday). The cast came from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed via webcam. The music is catchy (though we don't understand the lyrics) and how they managed to coordinate people from all over the world without special effect is impressive! You can watch it here:

4. OK Go's "Here It Goes Again"

Not only do we enjoy listening to the tunes of "Ok Go," but their music video for "Here It Goes Again" took their skills to a new level! Not to mention some serious coordination. We do not recommend your trying this at home (or at the gym, for that matter). Just live vicariously through the video, which you can find here:

5. A Day at the Office

Though we've been tempted to sing and dance at the office, this never crossed our mind. Now, however, we can't stop thinking about trying it out with our coworkers! These employees are not only brave for recording themselves (and admitting they know all the words to the Back Street Boys' "I Want It That Way") they did it in one take! We think they deserve a raise for their efforts! Watch them here:

6. Nine People's Favorite Thing

We loved watching [Title of Show] go from an idea for an original musical all the way to Broadway through performances at downtown theaters in NY and a web series on YouTube. The show had fans from around the world and, before it closed on Broadway, they invited all of their fans to become a part of their music video for their "underdog song" ‘Nine People's Favorite Thing.' Not only do we love the song's message, we also enjoy seeing shots of all of the fans who helped get this musical to Broadway (if you watch carefully, you'll see some famous faces, too). Check out this video, and all of their others, here:

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