Three girls: Gianna, Sophia, and Olivia

This month Gianna, Sophia, and Olivia have picked up speed and beginning to sow their one-year-old oats: From clapping hands, to recognizing family and friends and "cruising" around. We'll let Lauren fill in the details below.

"Now the fun is beginning in my house, as all three girls have began to "cruise" around, which is a profound milestone for them! I still get goose bumps every time I see them do it — it is amazing how far they have come! They all clap hands on cue and sing songs too (in their own little way!) It is really cute.

We are now in the process of teaching them how to share and "do nice". The girls are also beginning to recognize a few of my family members now and they get sooo excited when they see them! My parents & grandparents, and my brother and sister-in-law are very special to them, and the girls light up every time they see them! My parents & grandparents spend a lot of time with the girls and the girls love them sooo much — it is evident in every way. We are all very lucky and cherish every moment we have with them."

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