The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson

It was high summer and a traveling fun-fair had come to the village…Peter Rabbit and Benjamin were forbidden to attend. But even the best-behaved rabbit can’t keep away from a fun-fair; and Peter is far from being the best-behaved rabbit. With Benjamin at his side, Peter sneaks into the fair where a roller-coaster ride of an adventure begins…When Peter finds himself scooped up by a rather grumpy little girl and separated from his cousin he is helpless and very afraid. It takes the determined bravery of Benjamin to rescue Peter from the frightening hurly-burly of shouting stallholders and whirling rides. Written by Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson, and illustrated by Eleanor Taylor, the book stays faithful to the original tale of Peter Rabbit created over 110 years ago by author Beatrix Potter.

Watch Emma Thompson read from her series of Peter Rabbit books:


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