The Involvement Technique

We all need to get our errands done and the difference between having a good experience and not when kids are involved is exactly how much we get them involved. Some parents shy away from this completely, and then never learn the life skill of doing everyday chores, raising kids. So, this is how this technique will help.

We all know what it’s like being home with the little ones and needing to get the laundry done. With your toddler, all too eager to prize you away to do something else. It’s a fine balancing act and when we have spent time with the kids in the morning we know we need to get certain things done. Using The Involvement Technique, where you can have your young one match up socks together is a great early educational game as well as allowing you to achieve your task of folding the laundry. It’s a win win! For those children who constantly seem to need attention, seeking it out from undesired behaviour or having tantrums in public this technique is a godsend in diverting their attention and focus to the task at hand. The supermarket shop is a classic example, getting dinner on time, or even keeping to a bedtime routine, building their little independence and giving them some smaller responsibilities.

How To Help

  • Look at the task at hand and work out how your children can help. For example, crossing off a shopping list of items, separating the socks from the vests, taking out the food from the shopping bags, tidying up the bath toys as getting out of the bath.
  • For older children, give them an actual task to complete, peeling vegetable, setting the table, actually putting the clothes away, holding something for you whilst you are repairing it.
  • Compliment the efforts of this teamwork and how it makes you fell, this is extremely rewarding for anyone who get to listen to this. Enabling the willingness to help again.
  • Be mindful to keep the chores short and sweet depending on the age of the child and for older children you might want to set a time on the calendar to do so.
  • When the job is done feel free to reward your little ones on your chart, to give physical high fives, and show them the end result. All hands lead to a job well done.

What will you get your kids involved with today?

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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