Spring into Action

Now that you have learned how to take control of your thoughts, it’s time to look ahead. As the months grow warmer and people look towards spring, I like to ask: What does spring mean to you? The answers I hear usually involve a mindset that is focused on: flowers blooming, birds singing, cleaning out the house, cleaning the yard, love and romance, getting outdoors to be active, etc.

While I agree with all of these thoughts, I also view spring as a time of transformation of nature and ourselves. As flowers bloom new life, we also have an opportunity to bloom and birth new energy and focus into our lives. Here are some transformational tips to consider as springtime approaches:

Movement/exercise – revisit those New Year’s resolutions and use the energy of spring to take action. You can take a walk with your children, kick a ball, play frisbee, go to the beach and walk the shore, etc. Get out and do whatever you and the family enjoy. You are also creating more quality family time.

Healthy drinking – look at what you and the family are drinking. One easy change you can make is drinking lots of water. It’s a much better choice than the sugared drinks we come across. Not only will you cut down on sugar but the water helps cleanse and flush the body of toxins, and it will give you more energy for your activities.

Healthy Eating – Keep it simple. Try to eat whole foods (like vegetables, fruits, nuts) as much as possible as they are the least unprocessed, havefewer additives and contain the most nutrients. Search the web for “What are whole foods” if you want to get additional whole food ideas. This approach to eating is an excellent way to teach young children about healthy food choices. Plus, eating healthier will also increase your energy levels.

Now that we have started to think about how to bring new energy and focus into our lives, let’s also look at ways to clean up our physical environment and our mindset.  Similar to cleaning up the debris in our yard or items in our home, we can also clean up the stale and negative energy we may have in our minds and replace it with new, positive energy.

Here are some suggestions to consider when clearing out your mindset and filling it with new positive energy:

Learn something new – Why not learn a new language, or how to bake, or even a new sport. I recently signed up for a Reiki certification class (a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes energy and healing). I am excited about this class, as I will meet new people, be able to include Reiki into helping my clients and it’s a positive new energy I am acquiring.

Start a hobby – look at things you like to do (perhaps it’s painting, photography, or gardening) and see if you can turn it into a long-lasting hobby. You can include your children in this as well.

Read a book – find a book or magazine you would enjoy and dedicate time to it. I like to read a lot of factual content or books focused on self help, etc. Reading is another great activity to share with your children. I have done this with my children since they were young and now they are avid readers.

Meditation/quiet time – try to dedicate 10 minutes at a convenient time during the day to give yourself a break. Try to include the breathing technique I shared with you as well. You will be surprised how energized you can get from this and you’ll soon start to see all the great ideas and thoughts that come to you.

Journaling – Create a daily journal to reflect back on your day, it’s a great way to unload your thoughts from your mind. Journaling can help you come up with great ideas or solutions to situations. It may help you find comfort in the structure the act of journaling creates. Unloading your thoughts can allow you to clear your mind for the moment and revisit a situation again later.

As soon as you are done reading this, make a list of transformational action steps for you and your family. Get excited about a fresh start this spring. It’s a rebirth of who you are and what you choose to do with your time and energy. Make the best of it and “spring into action.”

Happy Spring!


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