Solo sitting time provides your infant the opportunity to explore their own environment at their own pace. Focus their attention on their surroundings, slowly becoming more self-reliant into the toddler years and these experiences boost a child’s self-esteem. They start to become a comfort to themselves and for the first time around 6-8 months see themselves separate from their primary carers. But remember your child’s age depends on how long they will be content for. At 6-8 months, 10-15 minutes before they may need picking up before being put back down, and so forth. Your child’s temperament is another fact to consider, a laid back child is more willing to look around and be content at watching what you are doing. Whereas a strong willed demanding toddler will also demand more of your input. No child should be left alone but, sitting a few feet away and offering words of encouragement and conversation and happy facial expressions into ga-ga-land certainly tends to give your baby a sense of security. For some parents it might be hard to watch their baby play in their seat, so remind yourself in doing so it is a necessary positive learning experience.


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