Our August

As we head into fall, Lauren's life with Gianna, Sophia and Olivia is growing more active by the day! From toddling around the house with play dates to animal sounds, the girls are going full steam ahead!

August went by very quickly here, I cannot believe we are into September already! Where did the summer go? We enjoyed Labor Day at my aunt's house this year — family, friends, and bbq, what more can you ask for?!

Our August was filled with lots of new "adventures" with the girls: some play dates with other babies/children, trip to the beach and the farm. We love having play dates for them, as it is great to see them interact with other children. Believe it or not, the girls love being around older kids, they watch everything they do, and then try to mimic them. I think it is important for them to have interaction with children of all ages as, it teaches them all kinds of new things. Unfortunately I am not able to bring the girls to a mommy and me, it is just too expensive for us, so I try to fill my day with plenty of different activities for them. Something I have been working very hard on is getting them to walk on their own, which they have not mastered just yet, but will soon! Learning different animal sounds is another skill we're working on. So far they have learned duck, cow and sheep – some times my house sounds like a farm with all of the animal noises! I am also trying to teach them some simple words. One thing I have realized is at this age they are like sponges, they understand everything and learn very quickly. It is amazing!

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