My 12 month old doesn’t like to nap in daytime

Hi Everyone,

My 12 month old girl doesn't like to have nap in the daytime. Every time we put her in the cot, she will kick the cot and stand to cry or scream in the cot, until you pick her up. My husband and I don't know what to do with that? Thanks.

Hi Michelleian,

It is important that your little girl does take naps during the day, as she is unable to physically conquer the day without rest periods in between. It's just too much for them and we know this through the behaviour exhibited when they're not rested. They get crabby, don't want to engage in fun activities, push their food away, get clingy and become very overtired, which becomes a strain all around.

May I suggest you take a look at her routine? Make sure between breakfast and lunch she has been stimulated on all levels and then try one of two techniques: Sleep separation technique, or my version of the controlled crying technique which you will find fully explained in my baby book, Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care. Both techniques will give you results in three days.

Here's to happy sleep!

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