Mommy & Me and the Ballerina Cops


When we checked in with Lauren this month, she had lots of news on the triplets, who seem to be growing at a rapid pace! We'll let Lauren fill you in below about Mommy & Me and her adventures with three ballerina cops.

I have started the girls in a wonderful mommy and me program three days a week, for two hours a day. I believe that has a lot to do with their development. They have learned to interact with other children besides themselves, how to have more patience with others and amongst themselves and most importantly how to sit and listen! They love going and look foward to it weekly.

The girls have also showed new interests in different things lately. They love to have books read to them — rather then just page through them themselves — and they actually sit and listen to the entire story!  They also love to watch the original Toy Story movie — Woody is their favorite character.  They also have a new  love for dogs and, this is very random, but they love to see police officers out on the streets or on TV! Likewise, when asked what they want to be for Halloween, their answer is always "a cop." When we went out shopping for their costumes, however, they found very pretty ballerina costumes and accessories they liked, so their tune has changed a bit! Despite the ballerina costumes, they still tell everyone they are going to be cops. Ballerina cops, maybe!

I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween!

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