Measles Outbreak

Jo Frost on Measles and Vaccinations:

Indeed it is concerning when you look at a country that had eradicated measles and is now experiencing an outbreak. I believe unfortunately this is due to the lack of trust the public have with the inaccurate information they receive on vaccinations and autism. As we know, the false information which was fed to us, certainly has American families presently living in fear. Thankfully, some of the false information was revoked and we are in the process of re-educating families.
 The power of influence should not be taken lightly and those who have a platform in this world to relay the correct factual information should do so with integrity and caution. Scientifically, it has been proven that there is no conclusive evidence that links Vaccinations to Autism, thus supporting the vital importance that children are protected from fatal disease throughout the world since we are seeing how rapid an outbreak occurs.
So here is a fact: In 2013 we lost 145,700 children around the globe, that’s 400 deaths a day! 16 deaths every hour.
Dying from this disease is preventable, so why wouldn’t we take action to protect our children? Parents from around the globe walk miles every day to vaccinate their children so that they can live to celebrate all the joyful moments in childhood we in western worlds take for granted every day.
Families in society have a global responsibility to protect  not only their own child but others, after all would we only buckle our own child into a car seat for safety? would we only put armbands on our own toddler and not the other child we might be looking after in a swimming pool?
This topic is a global health and safety Issue. We are global, we travel, we come in contact with people that travel. It is our responsibility to all children, not just our own, to do everything we can for a healthy, happy society.
I encourage all parents to understand this information is not here to govern a nanny state and deny you of your parental choices, but to remind you of your parental choices that save children’s lives and the powerful impact that plays in our world, where we want our own children and others to thrive in.
Jo Frost Global Parental Expert
UN Ambassador for shot@life Campaign

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