Jo’s post-show thoughts:
On Max:
Max a spritely but anxious little boy who realized after nine years of eating custard creams, enough was enough. Teaching Max to overcome his fear of swallowing food and removing negative associations around mealtimes, gave me room to work with Max and his mother, Joann, so they could both be happier with the healthier eating habits that were going to be created. Willingness, commitment, and courage were certainly in Max’s rucksack. This has his whole family very proud and elated with how far he has come. Out with the biscuits and in with the meat and two veggies, that’s the way to do it.
On Trenyce:
Single mom Sheryl had almost given up hope. With so many plates to spin, where would she begin? The first step was to de-clutter, on every level of this mom’s environment. This family had practically been begging the institutional services in Great Britain to come and help her but, had received no help at all, finally got room to breath in their home and with healthy food plans in place. Once this was in place, Sheryl was able to take on board what she had been taught to empower herself and her family. She learned how to get the motivation to get out and about with her children, and the communication skills that allowed her to understand, with empathy, her children’s needs.


Episode overview:
Max has spent his entire nine years of life subsisting on food like custard creams — he’s never even eaten a hot meal. He’s also had zero energy and lack of concentration in school. Can Jo get him tucking into a stovetop meal and help him get back on the path to success at school?
Seven-year-old Trenyce is being bullied at school. As a result, every day she comes home filled with an anger and sadness she can’t control (and takes it out on her family). Unable to ask for help on her own, Trenyce’s mum turns to Jo for advice and the techniques to help Trenyce control her rage.
Jo takes to the road again to help families cope with everything from sleeping problems and imaginary friends to a young girl who wants to have plastic surgery.
And, how big of a difference can ten minutes of family quality time make? A big one! Jo shows you how with her ongoing campaign for family more time. 
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