Jo’s First App is Here!

Jo talks about her new app, Jo Frost Rewards:

“It has been well documented that research, experience, and history has demonstrated that establishing a positive reward system with your children is the most effective way to encourage desired behaviors. I have found that the techniques we have provided in this application will give parents the tools they need to create a positive rewards system with their children.”

Jo Frost Rewards is a simple way to reinforce positive behavior by rewarding children for completing their chores/tasks and for exhibiting respectable behavior. The app provides the ability to:

1. Track individual Tasks for one or more child. Each task is assigned a point value.
2. Track individual Behaviors for one or more child. Each Behavior is assigned a point value.

Points earned through tasks and behaviors can be later redeemed for rewards you identify in the app.

The Jo Frost Rewards app comes with several built in tasks, behaviors, and rewards to help get your started however, all lists are fully customizable to your needs.

Click here for full description, screen shots and link to download for iPhone or iPad.

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