Hannah And Her Sisters

Wow, baby Hannah is five weeks old already! Time is flying by. I was a bit worried that gaining a new sibling would be hard on the older girls. When Skyla arrived, Telsche had a really hard time with it. So I spent a lot of time talking with both of them before Hannah arrived, explaining that a baby would come out of my giant belly and we would have a bigger family. Telsche helped in naming her, which I believe really made her feel included. She in the end picked the name Hannah. So we spent the last three months calling her Hannah in my belly.

The girls have been amazing these past few weeks. Telsche is such a big helper with both Hannah and Skyla. I turn my back for a second and see Telsche putting Skyla's shoes on for her, or helping her get dressed. Skyla has adapted well and still calls Hannah 'baby'. Cute, but I don't think she realizes she's staying for good.

Hannah will sleep at least 4-5hrs in a row most nights allowing us a solid chunk of sleep. Tyson and I are adjusting. We are dreaming of date nights and time that one day we will share with each other again, but are in really good humour about it.

Call me a crazy schedule/routine freak, I don't care, but it’s the routine and schedules that keep us all sane. I even write on the calendar what we are doing everyday. Even if it's a trip to the library, or Thurs morning errands. Everyday has something scheduled. It gives the girls something to look forward to, and gives us all goals. The first time I was on my own with all three girls. (Tyson at work and my Mom was busy) I was able to put a load of laundry in and make supper. Wow, I know. BUT I also had a 1/2 hour- one hour period where all three of them were screaming/crying/fighting. So, I just take deep breaths and laugh it off when possible. 

Now that Telsche is finished pre school we are trying to keep them really busy and active. We are going as a family to Clevelands House Resort in Muskoka Ontario during July. I don't usually put a plug in for places, but this is a really special place for us because Tyson and I met there and we love it so much. They have the best and biggest kids program ever. Something for ages 0-100years. We are so excited to go and spend time there. I can't wait for a swim in the lake! 

Lastly, a report on the older girls sleeping. Or should I say, not sleeping. They are still in the same room, but still not going to sleep very easy. It takes between 1-2hrs for them to settle for bed. That's nap or bedtime. This is causing them to be quite sleepy some days. As I write this they have been in their room playing during their naptime. My next step maybe to cut the nap out. Not quite sure yet.  

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