After having a baby, it can be hard to find ways to feel sexy, though at some point, you’ll definitely want to get back into your pre-baby groove and want to look and feel good. Of primary important is the “feeling good” part of the equation because we all know if you feel good, that permeates everything you do.

Feeling good equals looking good. In honour of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give you some tips to reclaim your sexy so you’ll start feeling good.

Lacy underwear or bras that are pretty, (but not entirely uncomfortable) are a great start. Sometimes it’s knowing what’s underneath that makes you more aware of how you carry yourself on the outside.

Make-up is another favorite. A smoky eye or a pop of red or pink lipstick when you leave the house (even if it’s just for a run to the grocery store or a school pick up) can make you feel like a bombshell.

Working out. Even if you start small (1 hr/1 day a week), you will notice a difference both physically and mentally. Though the physical is a nice benefit, it’s the mental part of what exercise does that will help keep you focused, balanced, happy, and feeling more in control.

Date night is one of my favorite suggestions. Get dressed up and go out somewhere. Even if it’s to a local hotel bar or a semi-late dinner at a neighborhood pizza place, make it special by overdressing for fun. It will make both you and your partner feel different and lead to some fun nights. If grandparents live locally, see if you can arrange to have them watch the baby one night and you and your partner can make it a date night in. Cuddle up with a movie, connect over a candlelit dinner, take a bath, the possibilities are endless.

Dance it out. If your confidence is failing you, if the day is getting to be too much. Take five minutes for a solo dance party. Put on your favorite tune or a kickin’ high-energy beat and dance it out. It’ll give you a much-needed endorphin rush and have you shaking your groove thing.

Have fun reclaiming your sexy!

X Jo

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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