Daily Routine

I would like to know what a daily routine for a 9 month old should look like.

I have been all over the web and everywhere I look it says that children thrive with a daily routine but I cannot find an example of one for infants/toddlers. We have a very consistent dinner (~6p), bath (~6.30p), reading (~7pm), bed (~7.30p) and wake-up (~7.30am) routine. It is in between wake-up and dinner that I have no routine and am not sure what I should be filling it with. Especially how long naps should be and how many. It seems like my son sometimes sleeps most of the day and then other times, doesn't sleep that much. HELP!

You should build the routine around his bottles, it should be roughly four bottles of about 8 oz, eating consistently throughout the day two big sleeps and a "cat nap," and play on all levels, mentally and physically for brain development. A routine done correctly will create a respite for the mom as well.

Basically, you will find in my book, Jo Frost’s Confident Baby Care, all aspects of routine, mealtimes, playtimes, etc, etc. The book addresses the first 12 months of a baby’s life. A routine is the structure and framework that incorporates all of the above points throughout the child’s day. The book talks about all aspects of how to "feed" your child on a physical, mental, and developmental level. What you incorporate into the routine is what your child will thrive on. The book will support each one of these layers through the months. There are so many things I could tell you, but that’s why I wrote a book about it, so they’re all in one place and the best part is, your child can grow with the advice I’ve provided.

Best wishes,

Jo x

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