Connect As A Family

We hear it every day, be mindful to stay connected to your family as we are busy being pulled from one direction to another. Feeling overwhelmed at times, and wondering how we will find peace in balancing our schedules and home life. The true reality is it needs to be a reality. Nobody gives you the time you have to make it, and not just as one family member but every family member. Yes, indeed, we can fall on our laurels and the seasonal festivities of coming together with not only our immediate family but our extended. However, true intimacy and emotional connection where we bond on a deep and profound level comes from making the time to have these fun experiences with our loved ones. Sometimes that means doing something that we don’t particularly like but that the other family member likes! No reason why we can’t take turns and enjoy an assortment of different things to do. For many families this becomes challenging as our children become older wanting to spend time with boyfriends/girlfriends, colleagues, school mates, so don’t shy away from why it is important for you to remain connected to your young adults. Let them know how much you care, how you feel, as we all know that the memories we create now are the ones we treasure later.

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