A Christmas Surprise


In this month's edition of Little Nippers, Kathy fills us in on her family's Christmas and reveals some really exciting news!

Happy New Year everyone! The holiday season at The Eidt household was amazing. Minus the nasty stomach flu that Tyson, Telsche, Skyla, and Grandma had two weeks before Christmas, everything was great. The kids were so excited for Christmas to come. Telsche would ask everyday if it was Christmas Eve yet. We had my childhood felt advent calendar to countdown the days. This helped her to realize how much time was left. Tyson was able to take Telsche to the 'North Pole'. This was a huge highlight for her to be out at night, to see Santa, ride on a train, and have a Christmas treat with Daddy. When Telsche saw Santa this year, her only question was 'what kind of cookies do you like?' Chocolate chip was the answer, so we had special chocolate chip cookies and a glass of almond milk out for Santa, along with a carrot for the reindeer. 

The anticipation as the girls went to bed Christmas Eve was ringing through the house. Skyla knew that something special was happening and was excited because her sister was.  Christmas morning took the cake for best kid reactions ever! Luckily, Daddy and I were just as excited and Daddy had the video camera rolling as the girls came down the stairs. Seeing their stockings full of toys and goodies was so fun, then they rounded the corner to see not one, but TWO princess castles/tents set up in the living room. They immediately each took ownership of one of the castles and spent most of their morning playing princess. I was in my Mommy glory watching my girls so happy and excited. 

In other (exciting) news, we are ramping up to have the girls share a room within the month … to make room for our new bundle of joy, due in May. We are expecting another girl and we are delighted!!

The picture I've included is Skyla in her princess castle with her new baby doll. 

Editor's Note: Congratulations, Eidt Family! We're really excited to continue following your growing family! xo -Jo and The JoFrost.com Web Team

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