If you or someone you know is nearing the end of their pregnancy or just had/adopted a child and wants to tell their story on our site as Lauren has in "Little Nippers," let the Moderators know (ModSquad@jofrost.com). I'm looking for parents (or a parent) who is/are willing to share their family story on a monthly basis. Check out the "Little Nippers" section to see how the updates are structured.

The experience, as viewed by Lauren, our current "Little Nippers" mom: "It was a wonderful experience for all of us and will be even more special in years to come when we can go back and read all of these entries together."

Important Details:

If you/your family is chosen, we require one monthly update from you (Moderators will contact you a week in advance with three update questions to respond to). You will have seven days to email back your response to be included in the eNewsletter and on the website. A monthly photo should also be included with your entry. All entries approximately 7-10 sentences in length.

Though we have editors, we request all entries are written in complete sentences. English does not have to be participant's primary language, but they must have a command of the English language. 

This is not a paid or staff position with JoFrost.com or any of its subsidiaries.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please email at moderators at:modsquad@jofrost.com

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