Back to School


Time flies when you are having fun. This month has been so busy! Telsche started Pre-school and loves it. Not one tear was shed, by her anyways. I was a mess. The teacher was so kind to me. How funny. Telsche does every craft at school, and loves having snack there. She is talking up a storm lately. More questions, and loves to talk and sing. Although she hasn't been sleeping very well. She seems to get out of bed a lot at night. We’re working on it though.

Skyla loves the mommy and me time she gets when Telsche is at school. We play at the park and visit Grandma and PaPa. She is saying so many words now. I think her  favourite is snack, although she says it 'nack, nack'. Very cute. Her hair is growing and it is so fluffy, and causes some intense bed head.

We nearly bypassed Halloween in this house and headed straight into Christmas! Telsche started asking to go to the North Pole, and to  watch all of her Christmas movies. At 6am she would ask us to take her to the North Pole. We didn't know how to respond, except to say 'there's not even snow on the ground yet'. Luckily Grandma bought her and Skyla a new Dora Halloween movie. Phew. We since have gotten our past Halloween costumes out of the closet to play. It seems Telsche is happy to be Tigger again. Skyla will probably be a butterfly this year. We love Halloween. We also plan to visit an apple farm soon, and have been enjoying the leaves changing colour.

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