After Christmas

We caught up with Lauren after Christmas to see how the holidays were for her and her family. And, of course, we asked if she had any New Years resolutions of her own.

We had a really wonderful Christmas this year. The girls made it extremely fun and interesting! They truly brought back the holiday spirit for my hubby and I. It was very interesting to see the looks on their faces Christmas morning. They truly did not know where to look or go to first. I had (oops, I mean Santa had) wrapped about eight presents each for the girls in different style wrapping paper — they were in awe of that alone! The girls did have three favorite gifts that they are still very much amused by. They love their Disney princess cell phones (pretend of course), Magna Doodles and a magnetic puzzle that my parents bought for them. 

As for my New Years resolution, just this morning I decided I'm going to motivate myself and get back to the gym. And, as for the entire family, we are planning on taking the girls on their first mini vacation (by car) this summer! We'll see how both of these plans turn out!

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