A Few Tips for Father’s Day

1. Do something special he normally misses out on due to work, maybe a picnic with a friend of his who is a father, too, and his friend’s family. Play some of his favorite games at the picnic like rounders or footie.

2. Make a mishmash of his favorite foods. Cook a great, tasty breakfast or an evening dish that he loves or is a reminder of when you guys first met.

3. Spa him up! Some guys love a little pampering. If he’s spa shy, do it yourself after the kids are in bed. Maybe a foot, neck, and shoulder massage…

4. What really does Dad like to do? Perhaps it’s to chill indoors and be able to read the paper quietly, or to grab a quick hour down the gym, or a pint over the weekend? If it’s a pint, then find a family friendly beer garden; if it’s an hour to himself for the gym, give him that. Just like Mother’s Day, an hour of quiet “them” goes a long way.

5. Have the kids make cards he will remember. Start them off with a prompt to answer like: My Dad is… A sporty, Foodie, Techie, Homey, or a Movie Guy. Whatever best fits his personality.

6. Make homemade gifts from the kids, perhaps handprints in colored clay or painted pebbles that look like dad.

But most of all, however and whatever you choose do, it with LOVE 🙂

xoxoxo Jo

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