10 Holiday Tips for Kids

This month, we turned to Kids.gov for their top ten favorite holiday tips for kids. Here’s what they have to say about how to get kids prepared for, and involved in, the holiday season:

1. Learn the Mysteries of Winter Weather
Holiday weather can be the most fun part of the season. Whether it’s snowing,
raining, or sleeting, you can have fun while you learn about winter weather.
Discover the combination of ingredients that’s necessary for a winter storm to

2. Choose Tradition Over Material Things
Make this holiday season more about your family and less about material
things. Instead of creating a wish list of gifts you would like, try to help your
family understand the spirit of giving by focusing on family traditions.

3. Give Gifts From the Heart
Do you need gift ideas? Don’t feel pressure to spend a lot of money. The best
gifts show the person that you know them well and like them a lot. Visit this
cool Gift Giving Guide for a list of low-cost ways to give great gifts.

4. Eat and Stay Healthy During the Holidays
During the holidays, yummy food and tasty treats are everywhere. It would be
easy to let healthy eating habits slide, but holidays can still be healthy. Visit
Kids.gov for some tips to help you and your family stay on track with good
eating habits. And don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water for 20
seconds. This will help you from spreading germs.

5. Track Santa
With Santa Tracker you can follow Santa on his Christmas Eve journey in
Google Maps or Google Earth. Explore YouTube videos and photos from each
place Santa visits and track his route to watch him fly around the world.

6. Be a Smart Shopper
During the holiday season there are lots of great sales, but just because you
see it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Following the crowd can be expensive.
Instead, invent your own style. You don’t have to always own the same things
as everybody else.There are ways of getting what you want without paying a
lot for it. Find out what kind of spender you are and get more tips on how to
shop smart.

7. Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays
There are lots of fun things going on during the holiday season. You may have
decorations, plants, and foods that usually are not around the rest of the year.
Some of these holiday items can be harmful to your pets.

8. Go Green and Help Save Our Planet
The holidays are a time of celebration but that doesn’t mean we have to be
wasteful. Green can be your holiday color and you can help save our planet.
Visit the Green Holidays Program to get smart ideas on how you and your
family can go green this season.

9. Help Others by Donating to a Charity
The holidays are a time of giving and receiving. Talk to your parents or teachers
about giving a donation to a charity. Yes, you can give money but there are
lots of ways you can help others. By giving your time and energy, you could
help raise money or become a volunteer. No matter what you are interested in,
there’s probably a charity that helps support something you think is important.

10. Have More Fun Making Dinner
Dinner with your family during the holidays is always fun, but helping get
everything ready for the big meal can be a lot of fun too. You can help plan the
menu, set the table, and lend a hand in the kitchen.

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