Your little kids and New Year

Are your kids too little to stay awake for the midnight ball drop on New Years? Well, try staging a ball drop of your own earlier in the evening.

Get some plastic cups, sparkling cider, find some noisemakers around your house or settle for pots and pans with wooden spoons, turn your junk mail into confetti (but not too much, we don’t want you ringing in the new year with a vacuum!), blow up a beach ball and pick a time to usher in the new year with your little ones (maybe it’s 9 or 10pm). Then, set a timer for a one minute “countdown” to the New Year. When the timer goes off, drop the beach ball from up over a stair railing or other high place – and there you have it, your very own ball drop!

Don’t forget to clink your plastic glasses together and sip on your cider bubbly! Cheers!

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