You Win Some And You Lose Some


We win some and we lose some! That seemed to be the theme throughout January for us. Of course let's talk wins first. We managed to have Daddy and Papa assemble both of the new single beds for the girls. They look so sweet in one room, with pink sheets and a cute headboard for  their books and animals. Both Telsche and Skyla were so excited about them. Telsche was very happy to have her sister share her room. 

We finally received a few days of fresh blanketed snow from Mother Nature, which we  took advantage of. Grandma and Papa are great sports, taking the girls sledding. (our picture this month)

Telsche is in school two mornings a week now, and absolutely loves it. She loves her crafts. Skyla has been advancing with so many new words and phrases.

A few lower points this month. We transitioned the girls to the same room, and it was a total nightmare. Nobody slept for a week. I am a stickler for sleep training and never turning back after a new transition, BUT after 8 days of very little sleep I caved. We let Skyla lie back down in her crib in the middle of the night, and she passed right out. They were waking each other up and then playing, laughing, crying for hours and hours each night. Also getting them to sleep was a 3 hour affair. So, I am going to come up with a new game plan and try again next month. 

Due to the 'no sleeping' the girls both caught horrible colds, and a stomach flu. Making the sleep  transition even harder.  Good news is, everyone is feeling better and have another week of good sleeping under their belt.

Tyson and I are off to Telsche school fundraiser Valentines dance this weekend. Telsche will make and send out her first Valentines to her classmates, how sweet. We will also be sure to bake a yummy Valentines dessert this month. Mom-approved, of course!

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