Work and Home Balance

We all at some stage feel the guilt and stress of divided attention between work and family. So with the above we get to focus on a plan. Get organized so that both our career and family flourish. Organizing that family calendar does allow us to feel connected. When we take a moment to be present with our families and enjoy the experiences we can have together when we are at home we realize work opportunities also give us the opportunity to enjoy our family life. I think that can really help with alleviating the guilt because it is a feeling that only you individually can manage. Personally it’s a choice with respects to how much that consumes your life. The thing is, we are forever evolving as a family and individuals and at certain stages in our lives there will be certain things that are a priority. So take the journey and deal with it is they come up. All of us make sacrifices one way or another but when we are enjoying both work and especially home life we do feel more content.

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