“We Never Have Sex Anymore!”

The Problem: You Never Have Sex Anymore
A lot of new moms and dads are hesitant to talk about this topic, but it’s real and it affects a lot of parents (both new parents and not-so-new). You don’t know how many families I come across where the mums and dads tell me, “We’ve not slept in the same bed for years.” So, you’re not alone. But if you don’t want your problem to get this extreme, you have to act now. First of all, remember when you have kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t have sex anymore. Sometimes children are used as an excuse not to have sex. Ask yourself if that’s what you’re doing. And once you have a plan in place, don’t let it slip. You would never have let it get to this stage when you were dating, so why now that you have a baby?

What’s preventing sex? Are you tired because of lack of sleep? Is your baby sleeping in between you? Is your libido on the missing persons list and why is this? Once you pinpoint the problem, address is immediately.

Remember what made you tick as a couple in the first place. Does he like having a back rub? Will tickling his ears make him smile? Recall it and do it.

Get your body confidence back. You may not be feeling comfortable with yourself now that you’ve given birth, but that’s just a state of mind! Splash out on a new perfume, some scented candles, anything that will improve your state of mind.

Go out on a date again. I’ve encouraged parents to do that on my show in the States. I had one couple where the kids slept in the bed and the dad was on the sofa. He’s been there for seven years!

My relationship motto is, the more you do together, the more you feel together. So, get your man involved!

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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