U.K. Parents/Caretakers: Read Jo’s Statement on The Bailey Report


A study called the Bailey Report (commissioned by the government and executed by Reg Bailey, Chief Executive of Mothers' Union) is to be published shortly in the U.K. The study calls for voluntary regulation (by media and businesses) of sexualized images towards children and young teens. Read Jo’s statement on the Bailey Report below. For more information on the study, please click here.

From Jo Frost:

Parents voices need to be heard an respected.
It is everyone's responsibility in society to protect our children.
outrageous, sexualised imagery,inappropriate retail for our young, the list is shamelessly endless.
Our children are being subjected to deplorable advertising and media
making it hard for parents everyday to control these surrounding images day in and day out that they are exposed to.
Rules need to be put in place, boundaries to be made.
Steps aggressively need to be taken to morally do the right thing to protect the innocence of our children today.

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