Turning Winter Blues into Sunshine for the Children

Winter Blues. It’s an old name we prescribe to the feeling that winter has been going on for too long. Not only can this seasonal weather affect us as adults, but as young children, too. We all know that feeling of being cooped up like headless chickens and where those grey clouds feel like they are touching our heads. Sometimes we need something uplifting to shake away our winter blues. So what can we do to keep this at arm’s length?

Try these 6 proven (and tested) 6 tips of advice that I’ve used over the years to help families:

1. MOVE – staying active not only helps us to stop feeling slouchy and lethargic, but to help us feel better with our moods and feel more upbeat in general. Staying active also keeps us warmer than normal, which feels especially good during the cold months. So go for a brisk walk, a cycle or scooter ride, or maybe it’s a game of tag — just a long as your moving! Put on some music and get dancing! Or, go feed the ducks!

2. GET THE LIGHT – Any natural daylight will enhance how we all feel. And, when we wear brighter clothes, it can make ourselves feel more cheerful (keep in mind that pale cool colors reflect the light on bright days). When at home, open up the blinds and curtains to let that bright light and energy in. You may even choose to sit by a secured window to read or color with the kids.

3. EAT HEALTHILY – Lots of fruits and veggies. You can bake the veggies in a yummy casserole. The fruit can be laid over blueberry yogurt to help balance the cravings for sweet stuff. Smoothies and baked cinnamon apples with raisins are other ways of packing in on those vitamins. And, don’t forget that hot drinks like soup will help keep us warm and snug.

4. JUNGLE GYM FOR YOUR BRAIN – keep it active! from learning a new game like backgammon to playing jacks to singing dancing and learning new lyrics to doing a word search all help to keep your mind healthy which helps to reduce mental stress, anxiety and promote more relaxation.

5. SOCIALIZATION – Nothing better then getting together with your friends or getting the kids together to hang out and be creative. Use those imaginations and talk to each other while creating. Make the effort to stay in touch with those who bring you and your family joy and laughter, accept fun invitations, and be spontaneous when you can.

6. SMELLS – I tend to find smells enhance how we feel and lift our mood greatly, especially for those of us who are more on the sensitive side. So add a few drops of citrus lemon or ginger orange essential oil to your tub in the morning — even spearmint shower gel can leave us more spritely! Candles with the scent of coconut or ocean spray can remind us of places that bring joy and peace, especially for teenagers and adults. Go on… make a move and be smelly!!

x Jo

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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