A Turkey For Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Diane de Groat (Ages 5-8)

Although a paper turkey decorates Mrs. Moose's Thanksgiving table, she longs for the real thing–so her obliging husband sets out to find her one. He is joined by his soon-to-be dinner guests: Rabbit, in his quilted down vest; poky Porcupine, in his furry earmuffs; and ravenous Mr. Goat, who devours everything in sight, including Sheep's plaid hat. They find Turkey hiding in his nest, surrounded by signs that discourage visitors. Trying to console the terrified bird, Mr. Moose explains: “We just want you for Thanksgiving dinner,'' which only confirms Turkey's fears. Young readers will be as thrilled as Turkey to hear that Mrs. Moose wants him at her table, not on it. Together, Bunting's ( In the Haunted House ; The Wednesday Surprise ) good-natured tale and de Groat's ( Hi Bears, Bye Bears ) autumn-hued, richly detailed watercolors convey the animals' warm friendship and the humor resulting from the misunderstanding. This ideal family read-aloud will awaken the holiday spirit in all.

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